Referral Madness was formed to provide accurate revenue program information free of charge and help webmasters collaborate to identify scams. This site is dedicated to free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit of everyday people all over the world.

Top affiliate program directory with highly rated and reviewed referral commission programs. Details about the most profitable partner and referral programs plus webmaster opportunities on the internet. Premier resources for earning big commissions on your website through online promotion and search engine marketing.

Affiliate marketing has become a standard tool for commercial websites and seems to be growing as fast as e-commerce itself. There's nothing new about companies paying a sales commission, but the low startup cost and potential reach of an online affiliate program has opened it up to countless new companies. We provide free alphabetized listings for all revenue programs that meet our basic standards and welcome all submissions. This strategy has already made us the one of the largest online directories there is!

Affiliate Network Reviews Find out which affiliate and CPA networks have worked best for our team of affiliates. We recommend Commission Junction and MaxBounty, but find out why we do NOT recommend Linkshare or Peerfly.

Earn Money Parking Your Domain Names - Many affiliates are also active with domain parking to earn extra revenue from their unused domain names which are just gathering dust. Find out why we recommend DomainSponsor, Rook Media and Parking Crew and do NOT recommend Bodis and DomainApps. Sign up with the highest paying domain parking program and make money with your domain names!

If your affiliate program isn't listed, we invite you to submit it using our basic form. We'll join your program, evaluate our experience and also seek informed opinions to help determine your eventual rating.


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